Cameron Craggs

Filmmaker, Photographer & Visual Technician




Born and raised in the North-East of England & currently based in Newcastle I've been working creatively all my life. Im hoping this website can help find me some work!

From Photographing female kick boxing knock-outs to Documenting protests, gatherings and supremacy marches. Hanging off of a tractor with an F5 & chasing a Pandacorn through the woods with a Glidecam. As well as photographing children's parties to name just a few.

By sheer random happenstance Ive also worked as a 'Walk On Artist' in Ken Loaches Palme D'or winning 'i,Daniel Blake'

Through all these experiences I have gained invaluable first hand knowledge of the entire process of video production. From PRE to PRODUCTION to POST I have gained an extensive knowledge of the process and art of crafting video. I have developed a well rounded knowledge of both the theory of film as well as the various artisan craft skills involved in the process. I combine this with my technical knowledge and practical sensibilities to apply myself fully to any given project.

 Marsden Rock. 6:00AM

Marsden Rock. 6:00AM

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