Cameron Craggs

Filmmaker, Photographer & Visual Technician

 Au naturalle after a 5AM start.

Au naturalle after a 5AM start.

Every point in your life has led to this moment. Every action. Every decision. That one initial sperm, has led to you reading this. 

Now I don't mean to get too existential, but to me, this is something quite significant. 

Born & bred in Cramlington and currently residing in Newcastle. I've lived North-East of England all of my life. 

My 3rd and final year of university has been full on. Its taken a lot of time, effort and careful collaboration but all the pieces of the jigsaw are finally falling into place. I'm soon to be a graduate of Northumbria University and an Honourary degree as a Bachelor of the Arts.

After pursuing a lifetime love of photography & film as a career I have studied and refined my craft for over 5 years. I continually strive to improve myself and my work whilst priding myself on the dynamic range of projects already undertaken. There is no project too weird or wonderful for consideration.

From shooting underground grime videos in the back alleys of Newcastle Keep to recording 4K Track & Dolly shots with a Priest in St Nicholss' cathedral. My breadth of experience is diverse and ever growing.

Ive shot in the worst nightclub in Europe; kids parties; studios; live events; interviews; gigs; rehearsals; drama; community events; I even once chased a Panda-corn through the woods with a Glide cam. I have experience with a range of Cine-grade cameras & professional level equipment.


This website is dedicated to everyone that has encouraged my work & helped me on this journey thus far. I would like to say thanks. Your ongoing support & encouragement are truly valued.

The screening of all of my completed projects and in progress teasers will be presented at the Tyneside Cinema on June 12th at 6PM. It would be excellent if you could make it.

After graduation in July I plan on travelling Europe and documenting some of the experience. I will be weaving together a small project revolving around the impact of Brexit on European perceptions of British Nationality.

I am the main facilitator of the Grey Sky Collective. A loose collection of various artists whose mediums are spread across a variety of disciplines. We include in our mix a range of graphic designers, illustrators, sound recordists, musicians, actors, filmmakers & photographers.

Im always looking for the next idea to shoot or project to work on. Rates negotiable and fees waivable if the project is interesting enough.

Please don't be scared and feel free to get in touch with any queries or potential collaboration ideas.

If I can't do it then I know someone who can. 

Thanks for reading till the end!




Available for hire.

Able to travel.

Available to work outside of the North East.

Able to shoot & edit projects.


Cameron Craggs: CSC MEDIA LTD 2017


CSC Media LTD 2017